Pantone Color Institute has officially rolled out a new color inspired by the kid-friendly film franchise Despicable Me. 

"Minion Yellow" is exactly what it sounds like: a bright yellow shade that's reminiscent of the film's cute little worker creatures. According to Pantone's web site, Pharrell Williams deserves some credit for this development. The singer, who made the song "Happy," (which appears on Despicable Me's soundtrack) famous, came up with the idea. This prompted the Pantone team to work to find a specific shade of yellow that would best represent the little creatures.

According to Pantone's web site, this color was developed after Pantone's team worked closely with the animation team at Illumination Entertainment, the film company that handled production for Despicable Me.

Pantone describes the shade as "an illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving yellow shade that immediately calls out to you."

"Just as the sun’s rays enliven us, PANTONE Minion Yellow is a color that heightens awareness and creates clarity, lighting the way to the intelligence, originality and the resourcefulness of an open mind — this is the color of hope, joy and optimism," Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone, said on the institute's website.

"Color is contextual and right now there is a desire for colors that are more vibrant and uplifting. This is especially the case with the yellows, so given the worldwide popularity of the Minions, it seemed only natural to name a color after a character for the first time in our history," Laurie Pressman, Pantone's vice president said of the shade.

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