If you are a fledgling artist and you want your song to have a chance at being a hit, you best get Lil Wayne on board. Everything that guy touches usually turns to gold. However, it's going to cost you. If you have buckets of cash, then you can likely hire Wayne. So that's just what heiress Paris Hilton did. The wannabe pop star recruited Weezy for her new song 'Last Night.'

Wait, wasn't Hilton reinventing herself as a DJ a few minutes ago? We can't keep up with her exploits, to say nothing of her long ago sex tapes.

Clearly, this collabo benefits Hilton more than Weezy. He can just show up and collect a check, and still be cool, even though he has lent his pipes to an track for someone who cannot sing to save her life and who is the epitome of uncool. Everything just rolls off Weezy. The Afrojack-produced beat isn't terrible either, but the DJ likely only got involved because Hilton is his GF.

Hilton reportedly wants to include the track on her next record. Which means we'd have to listen to it again. But, Weezy is pretty much the only thing that makes the track worth listening to.

Take a listen to 'Last Night' and tell us what you think, PopCrushers. It's not exactly blowing the roof off nor is it Weezy's best collabo, but he certainly injects it with a little bit of cool. Just a little bit.

Listen to Paris Hilton, 'Last Night' Feat. Lil Wayne