A man on Reddit is sharing his thoughts about wanting another passenger kicked off of a plane due do their cough. 

The man prefaces his post by sharing what airline he flew through.

"I am sitting on an idling Scoot Airlines (budget Singapore fleet) from Singapore to Greece… a +12hr flight," he said.

However, his problem occurred when another passenger got on the plane and had a "disgusting cough" that he felt warranted him being kicked off the plane.

"Some muppet was coughing in line to board the plane and - the entire time we have been waiting to depart (about an hour, we are delayed) has been coughing the most disgusting cough. And I am talking about 1 cough every 10 seconds, no exaggeration," he shared.

The man did say that the other passenger is wearing a mask, but that he is clearly sick.

"People are making noises of annoyance and disgust. He’s wearing a mask but it is such a loud, clearly sick cough. Another 12 hours of this?" he added.

"I get that flights are expensive to reschedule or that he may have somewhere to be, but surely the health of the majority takes priority?" the man furthered before asking if he was wrong for feeling that the airline should not have let him on the plane.

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People in the comments section of the post were split on who was wrong.

"Why don't you reschedule?" asked one person.

"You don't know if the cough is caused by something contagious or not," someone else added.

"NTA.Totally get your frustration. Hopefully it's just allergies, but yeah, airline should probably be stricter about boarding folks who are clearly unwell," shared a separate Reddit user.

"You've paid for tix," commented another person.

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