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Pets Reportedly Now at Risk of Catching COVID-19

Not only do we have to worry about ourselves getting the coronavirus, we have to worry about our pets, too! According to TMZ, cats and ferrets are most likely to contract COVID-19 from humans. (Dogs, not so much.) Experts advise that folks who are showing signs of the virus should not get rid of their pets, but should try to avoid infecting them by minimizing contact. (via TMZ)

People Are Making Huge Hair Changes During Quarantine

Pinterst has reported that searches for “home haircut” are up by 417% during the coronavirus quarantine, while “how to strip hair color naturally” is up by 156%. Not to mention, if you go to the hashtag #quarantinehair, you'll see a bunch of people trying DIY bang trims, buzz cuts and botched bleach jobs. (via Allure)

Quibi Is Here!

Unlike other streaming services that are meant to be watched on TV, Quibi, which launched Monday (April 6) which 50 new shows and films, is designed to be watched exclusively on your phone. Shows are roughly 10 minutes in length, which is perfect because people's attention spans aren't that long. Plus, a number of celebrities are doing shows specifically for the platform: Joe Jonas is doing a travel series and Anna Kendrick has a comedy on the platform called Dummy. (via LifeHacker)

MLB Might Come Back in May

Major League Baseball officials are targeting a May return. It looks like the entire 2020 season is gonna be played with all the players, coaches and personnel, but with major restrictions. The new plan is to set up shop in Phoenix, where games will be played at Chase Field without fans in the stand.

According to TMZ, all MLB personnel would need to live in isolation, only leaving their homes to go to and from games. The league could also go to an electronic strike zone to keep umpires away from batters and catchers. Plus, the dugouts would be moved to the stands where players and coaches could sit six feet apart from each other. Apparently, the CDC is on board, so fingers crossed. (via TMZ)

Instagram's Latest Fashion Trend

Quarantine has people doing some strange things, including trying out some wacky new styles The latest fashion trend? Belting a huge pillow against your body and calling it an "outfit."

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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