Hey, PopCrushers! We've got a radio show! That's right -- you can get even more PopCrush, courtesy of our new nationally syndicated radio show, PopCrush Nights.

The show — which features everything from the hottest in pop music to entertainment news — is helmed by Lisa Paige, our dynamic host who has worked at stations such as Z100 (New York City), WFLZ (Tampa), Q102 (Philadelphia) and 923 Now (NYC).

Tune in every Monday through Friday, from 7 PM to midnight — no matter which time zone you're listening from. (Want to hear our PopCrush Presents segment? Listen for it around the 9 PM hour on Tuesdays!)

PopCrush Nights airs across 38 radio stations, as well as RadioPup, TownSquare Media’s official mobile app. It's also available to affiliates through Compass Media Networks.



Tune in directly to PopCrush Nights Monday through Friday from 7 PM to midnight via any of the following stations:

KKCT (Bismark)
KZMY (Bozeman)
KTRS (Casper)
KROC (Rochester)
KMXY (Grand Junction)
KFFM (Yakima)
KTYL (Tyler)
WSJO (Atlantic City)
WCZX (Poughkeepsie)
KQVT (Victoria)
WLHT (Grand Rapids)
KTSR (Lake Charles)
KSSI (El Paso)
KMXC (Sioux Falls)
WBEI (Tuscaloosa)
KEYW (Tri-Cities)
KBEA (Quad Cities)
WBZN (Bangor)
KYLV (Dubuque)
KMXK (St. Cloud)
KCIX (Boise)
WQHR (Presque Isle)
WJLK (Monmouth)
KBMX (Duluth)
KKPL (Fort Collins)
KKBR (Billings)
WKFR (Kalamazoo)
KNIN (Wichita Falls)
KENR (Missoula)
KRRY (Quincy/ Hannibal)
WWYL (Binghamton)
KVLL (Lufkin)
WKXZ (Oneonta)
KKHQ (Waterloo)
WMME (Augusta)
WJBQ (Portland)

Mobile App

1.) Download our FREE app, RadioPup.

2.) Click on the "Stations Near Me" tab OR "Browse By City."

3.) If your city carries PopCrush Nights, you will see your station's call letters listed. Click on the station and our show will start streaming! (Don't forget to star your favorite stations for easy access in the future.)

Catch you on the radio!