A bride unintentionally sparked a family feud when she promised her step-daughter she would be the flower girl at her wedding.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman explained that her brother and sister-in-law struggled for years to get pregnant before finally welcoming their "miracle baby."

"Since having my niece, the baby has been the center of attention at EVERY family even we've had since she was born," the bride wrote in her post.

"I'm getting married in the spring, and my brother and SIL approached me last weekend about having my niece be the flower girl," she continued, adding that her fiancé has two children from a previous marriage.

"His son is one of his groomsmen, while his daughter had asked to be our flower girl when we told them the news that we were getting married a year ago. Of course, we said yes," she explained.

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When the bride explained the situation to her sister-in-law, the woman asked if the bride's step-daughter — who is only 6 years old — could "carry" the baby down the aisle with her along with the flowers.

When the bride declined, her family became furious with her supposed "lack of effort" to incorporate her niece into the wedding party. "My mom had been trying to stay neutral but thinks my step-daughter would understand if I explained to her I need to give that role to my niece," she revealed.

The bride shared she loves her niece but is standing her ground: "I'm not going to let my step-daughter down by giving my niece a role she's too young to remember anyway."

In the comments section, Reddit users fully supported the bride's decision to maintain her current wedding party lineup.

"If ever there was a time to take a stand for your step-daughter, it is now. She's six years old, and you've made a commitment to be in her life. The moment you make it official revolves around her as much as it does you," one user wrote.

"I 100% agree. I came from a family with two divorced parents myself, and I'll never forget how sh---y I felt when at my dad and stepmom's wedding, I wasn't included in it AT ALL," someone else commented.

"She's their miracle baby, not yours. The fact that they want you to disappoint your soon-to-be step-daughter in order to make their daughter the focus of your wedding is absurd," another wrote.

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