On Reddit, a dad is being slammed after telling his 6-year-old daughter he thinks her name is "stupid" after she was bullied in school for it.

In his post, the father explained that his daughter, Mildred, came home from school upset after a classmate told her that her name "sounded like a grandma."

"She said she didn't like her name anymore," the dad wrote.

At first, he tried to sympathize with his daughter, but he made things worse when he admitted, "Yeah, I never liked your name either. I thought it was a stupid name when I first heard it, but everyone in the family thought it was okay, and I got shot down. But on the bright side, you can change it when you get older."

"She looked at me in horror and said, 'You don't like my name either?' And she opened the door, crying, and ran inside before I could catch her. She told her mother that I said her name was stupid (somehow, she also forgot to mention the kid in her class who started it), and even after I explained the whole situation to my wife, she was mad and wanted me to apologize," he continued.

The dad refused to apologized, even though neither his daughter nor his wife would speak to him.

"I'm not too worried about my daughter because she's 6, so she'll probably forget it by tomorrow or like a week at most, but my wife is really mad at me right now," he wrote, asking Reddit if he was in the wrong.

In the comments section, Reddit slammed the dad and told him to apologize to the little girl.

"Uh, yeah… your daughter is going to remember this even if she's 6. Jeez, you really are a huge AH," one user wrote.

"You just sided with an elementary school bully. Congratulations," someone else commented.

"My mom said my teeth were 'Bucky Beaver teeth' ONCE, and I'm 27 and still remember...I was about 6 then, and that's nowhere near as cruel as agreeing with a 6year old bully about a kid's name," another shared.

"Yeah, there is no way she will forget. Kids remember things you would never think they would. She's going to remember what her dad said," someone else wrote.

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