Rarely do we get to see karma work her magic in real-time, but one family did.

On Reddit, a family revealed they got the ultimate in-flight revenge after a group of rude passengers refused to move to their assigned seats on a sold-out flight.

It all went down when the family boarded their flight for their Spring Break trip and found another family sitting in their row.

"We get on to find that a family is in our seats. The parents won't even look up at us. The teen daughter mumbles that she got there first and just sat down," one of the family members wrote via Reddit.

It was evident that the family had no intention of moving to their assigned seats.

"They were in our A-B-C seats. They were supposed to be D-E-F. [The] seats were identical, so we just sat in their D-E-F seats. Whatever, not worth worrying about," they continued.

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After a little while, karma reared its head.

"Well, until the mom, who initially refused to even look at us, leaned over to ask me if our USB and outlets were working," the Reddit user revealed, recalling they told the other passenger, "Why yes, yes they are. Oh my, are yours not? None of them?"

"Isn't that a shame? Especially since we sat on the runway for over an hour, and it is a long flight. I imagine batteries are getting low. Hello, Karma," they concluded.

Readers in the comments section rooted for the family whose seats were stolen.

"I love watching karma do her thang," one user wrote.

"Awesome story," another commented.

"I’m really curious why they decided to sit in identical seats across the aisle from their assigned seats. Whomp whomp to them, sweet karma," someone else chimed in.

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