A "controlling" father is being criticized on Reddit after asking his teenage daughter for her blog password.

Posting on the Am I the A--hole sub-forum, the dad shared his 15-year-old daughter runs a film review blog that does pretty well, while he has his own blog about life and religion to promote his self-published books.

"My wife and I make it a note to be very open with our children about all our passwords," he explained, noting they share all of their passwords for "just in case" moments.

He also pointed out that his daughter has the password to his blog.

"I asked my daughter if I could have her blog's password one day so I could log in to see her stats (I was curious) and she said she was not 'comfortable' giving me her password," he wrote.

When she refused, the man "got angry," calling his daughter's choice "disrespectful" since he and his wife share all of their passwords with their children willingly.

"I told her if she is not 'comfortable' giving me her password then she doesn't need to be using our computers or our WiFi," he added.

The daughter eventually relinquished her password.

On Reddit, many people who commented agreed the father was in the wrong.

"You're being unnecessarily nosy, and the fact that you had to resort to threatening her to force her to give you her password says a lot about you," one person wrote.

Another person noted the lack of privacy, writing, "You are teaching your child that she has no right to privacy and that only people who have things to hide want to keep things private or just for themselves."

Others accused the man of wanting access to his daughter's blog out of jealousy.

"It seems evident that you want to use her traffic to promote your own blog and sell books," one person commented.

"Jealous of your child's success is a terrible look," another added.

"Let's be honest: this isn't about the password. This is about control. Because if you REALLY cared about the stats, you could have asked her to share those, to pull them up and show you. She probably would have," someone else pointed out.

Another commenter agreed: "It'd be one thing if you were concerned for her safety. But you're just being nosy and controlling here."

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