A woman on Reddit is being called a "stalker" after she violated her husband's privacy by showing up uninvited and unwelcome to his doctor's appointment.

On Reddit, the anonymous woman explained that her husband has been experiencing a few health issues lately and has been checking in with his doctor frequently over the past several weeks.

For most of his appointments, her husband has declined her offer to accompany him, telling her that he prefers "privacy" when meeting with his doctor.

At one point, she "jokingly" asked him if his doctor was a woman, to which he responded with an agitated glance.

"I anticipated his next [doctor] appointment and decided to go meet him there. He went, and 10 minutes later, I entered the office (I identified myself as his wife), and he was shocked when he saw me," the woman wrote in her post.

His doctor turned out to be a man.

"I greeted his doctor (a man, lol), and we talked, but my husband refused to even look my way and refused to speak as well," the wife continued, sharing that when they left the office, her husband was furious with her.

"He went off on me in the car saying I shouldn't have 'followed' him after he asked me for some privacy," she wrote, sharing that she tried to tell her husband that she was already aware of his medical issues and just wanted to "show support."

However, he told her she had "overstepped his one boundary and refused to respect his wish."

The woman doesn't believe she did anything wrong, and believes her husband simply "overreacted," but Reddit disagrees with her.

In the comments section, users slammed the woman, siding firmly with her husband.

"You don't have the right to invade your husband's privacy after he requested to go alone. A signed piece of paper doesn't give you the right to stalk your husband. You have zero respect for him, obviously," one user wrote.

"Your husband gave you a boundary, and you crossed it. You deliberately disregarded his feelings and disrespected him. He is your husband, not your child," another clapped back.

"I get the feeling OP [original poster] wasn't joking when she asked him if his doctor was a woman ... Give the poor guy some space to see his doctor on his own," someone else wrote wrote.

"Stalk is the important word here. I'm glad everyone agrees that OP is bang out of order, but if we gender swap this story, I'm sure I would have read the word 'abuse' over and over scrolling down the comments, and I haven't yet ... Has your husband ever cheated or given you a reason to believe he would cheat? If that is the case, hire a PI. Don't go barging into his private health consultations," another commented.

"First of all, he asked you not to come. That should be enough. Second, you were not there to show him support. You were there to make sure his dr. wasn't a woman. You sound jealous and irrational, not to mention pushy. Major issues here," another Reddit user shared.

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