Word on the street is that Jennifer Lopez is looking to leave her judging position on 'American Idol' after Season 11 ends. Lopez joined the cast in 2011 during Season 10, when country crooner Scotty McCreery won, and has stuck it out through 2012's Season 11.

While it's yet to be confirmed that Lopez is in fact exiting the show, we wouldn't be surprised if she did, considering she's got two kids to take care of and is already juggling many other career endeavors. So, if Lopez does end up leaving, who should replace her as an 'American Idol' judge? We've picked out a few hopefuls for you to vote on!

First on our list of potential 'Idol' replacements is Katy Perry, whose bubbly personality and no BS attitude would make a good match for the judges panel. Also, can you just imagine the kind of banter that would ensue between Perry and 'Idol' judge Steven Tyler? TV gold, right there! Next on the list is Christina Perri, whose kind demeanor and piano prowess would be a breath of fresh of air for nervous contestants and contestants who prefer to perform with instruments.

Jason Derulo would also make a good 'Idol' judge candidate considering he knows a thing or two about being on a televised singing competition, appearing on the 2006 season of  'Showtime at the Apollo.' He won, in case you were wondering! Speaking of past singing competition contestants, Derulo's girlfriend Jordin Sparks, who won Season 6 of 'American Idol,' would be a great fit for a judging position, as would past 'Idol' powerhouse and Oscar-winning performer Jennifer Hudson. We also think these three are strong enough to deliver the more brutally honest comments that need to happen on shows like this.

Some other 'Idol' replacements we've come up with? Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez would be great, since both of these singers grew up in the spotlight and know what it's like being an up-and-coming music superstar. Avril Lavigne could be an entertaining addition, with her smart and sassy attitude, and Justin Timberlake would just be the epitome of a perfect judge with his charismatic character and massive musical talent. And finally, Grammy winner and piano prodigy Alicia Keys would be another wonderful addition to the judges table, and since she was an avid support of her former backup singer Jermaine Paul on 'The Voice,' she's sure to bond with 'Idol' contestants on a professional and personal level.

Who do you think should replace J to the L-O on 'American Idol'? Vote below!