Rihanna is known as much for her fierce style as she is for her massive hits, but she took fearless fashion sense to a whole other level at her Japanese 'Battleship' premiere. RiRi showed up in pajamas!

While her costars donned suits and gowns, the newly raven-haired starlet rocked sky blue and metallic gold silk pajamas on the red carpet, accessorized with gold hoops, heels and a delicate gold chain necklace. The top of her jammies is belted and a wrap, evoking images of traditional Japanese kimonos. Perhaps she was paying tribute to her host country. Her makeup is natural but glossy, showing that she didn't actually just get out of bed.

The look may be inspired by her recent gauzy, floaty white ensemble from her 'Princess of China' video shoot, combined with her brown silk gown from her London 'Battleship' premiere. Those who think she's under dressed should probably just be happy she was dressed at all: the 'We Found Love' singer recently blurted out how much she loves being naked!