Ouch! Rihanna lost her footing and broke a toe while vacationing in France.

Apparently, the R&B vixen broke her toe while playing barkeep at a club. Her BFF and assistant Jennifer Rosales posted on her Instagram the singer's broken piggie with the caption, "It's not a vacation until someone breaks a toe!" RiRi took the pain in stride tweeting Monday night (July 23), "Bar tending last night, dropped a bottle, broke it, my foot is still bleeding!!!"

But it looks like her injury wasn't too severe as Rihanna was able to put her feet up -- literally -- while parasailing off the coast of Cannes on Tuesday (July 24). The Daily Mail posted photos of the 24-year-old singer stretching her legs out as the boat pulled her and a friend high into the sky. After her parasailing adventure, she gave the nosy paparazzi an air kiss while she relaxed on a boat.

Rihanna is having a great vacation so far. This past weekend, the 'Rude Boy' singer partied on a yacht with friends in St. Tropez. In between catching some sun rays, she was able to get a photograph with NBA legend Magic Johnson. Talk about a win-win for the Barbadian songbird.

Although rumors have surfaced that Rihanna and Chris Brown are connecting with each other in France, Breezy peoples have denied it. "There is no Rihanna connection," said the rep.

In any case, Rihanna seems to be putting her best foot forward and is not worried about all the gossip about her. Go RiRi!

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