Never one to shy away from bold statements, Rihanna is the latest star to voice her disapproval of Indiana's controversial "Religious Freedom" law.

The feisty singer performed at Indianapolis' March Madness Music Festival over the weekend, and instead of celebrating the locale, Rihanna got real.

"Who's feeling these new bulls**t laws they're trying to pass around here?" Rihanna hollered at the crowd. She continued the expletive-filled rant as audience members chimed in with expletives of their own.

TMZ shared the video of Rihanna, clad in red pants and an oversized hoodie, rallying the crowd while performing "Live Your Life."

Rihanna is hardly the first celebrity to come forward with a strong, negative reaction to the law, which allows businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ patrons. Miley Cyrus has been extremely passionate about the issue: She issued a long statement about her views on the law and urged her fans to consider the repercussions it will cause.

Ashton Kutcher, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, John Green and Audra McDonald also came forward to slam the bill, which was signed into action by Indiana Governor Mike Pence in March. Most recently, James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp filmed a Funny or Die skit poking fun at the bigoted piece of legislation.

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