If you thought their performance at BBC’s ‘Children In Need’ concert was going to be the last we saw of S Club 7, you better think again.

The English pop group announced an upcoming arena tour, set for 2015, via Twitter. The band is set to play all their old hits, though they are reportedly not ruling out releasing new material. Sadly, it looks like the tour is only hitting the UK, for now. Check out the dates above!

According to the Daily Mail, the talks for the reunion weren't a recent development. The group first began discussion of a possible reunion two years ago. Member Tina Barrett said: "I contacted everyone two years ago and we all came back to my place and had Chinese food.”

The main reason for the reunion? Jon Lee says they owe it all to Twitter, and how it gave fans the ability to talk directly to the band and let them know the demand for a reunion was there. He said: "But it really came about because of the fans. They had been reaching out on Twitter so Tina got us all in one room and said 'Do you want to have a talk about getting back together?’"

As for whether there’s any tension within the band after all these years, Jo said: "And for us, we all get on and there’s no tension or anything. We’re like brothers and sisters. We love each other more now than ever really.”

Fans planning to go to a show on the 2015 UK tour — appropriately dubbed the Bring It All Back Tour, named after what is arguably their most popular song — should be sure to take to Twitter to be as interactive with the group as possible. Jon said: "We are going to let the fans say what they want to see on Twitter so we can put on the best show for them as possible.”

More exciting news? We’ve finally figured out what the S in S Club 7 stands for! According to Digital Spy, the S never had an official meaning to it. The most commonly accepted theory is the one of creator, Simon Fuller, choosing the name the day after he was fired as the Spice Girls’ manager. He owned the management and production company known as 19 Entertainment, so it’s been widely speculated that, as S is the 19th letter of the alphabet, he used it to name S Club 7.

When asked, the band seem to be in agreement, “Yeah, that’s the one,” said Jo, continuing: “Shall we make it official?" Sounds good to us!

Tickets for their 2015 Bring It All Back tour go on sale Nov. 20.

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