Sam Smith will hopefully never be forced to deliver an acceptance speech via cue cards again. He is officially off vocal rest, though he won't be able to sing for another few weeks -- but his speaking voice has returned to the land of the listening once more.

The "Stay With Me" singer made the announcement earlier today (June 3) that after three long weeks of being unable to talk, he could finally speak. Likening his vocal struggles to those of famed Disney character Ariel of The Little Mermaid fame, Sam posted a photo of her to Instagram, captioning it with "I CAN SPEAK AGAIN!!!!!!!!" Obviously overwhelmed with joy, Sam later posted a photo of the doctor who has helped him in his recovery to Instagram, expressing his thanks in the caption.

Sam also let his fans know that sometimes you really don't know what you have until it's gone. For a singer to lose his or her ability to sing is like being an eye doctor and having a vulture go around to every person on the planet and poke out their eyes with his beak. Sam wrote, "Completely overwhelmed. Thank you so much Doctor Zeitels for everything. You have truly saved me this past few months. Such an amazing man. You truly truly truly don't know what you got until you lose it. I have fallen in love with music all over again over this past month, and more than ever I feel so blessed to be able to sing and do what I love every day xx."

And while his story didn't end with the capture of a highly powerful and highly dangerous sea witch, it at least has its own happy ending. We're excited to hear you sing again, Sam.