"L.E.S. Artistes" singer Santigold has treated fans to a third cut from 99¢ entitled "Chasing Shadows." The track premiered yesterday (January 14) on Annie Mac's BBC 1 radio show and it's a bouncy, tropical-meets-carnival affair that features Santigold's signature falsetto vocals and rap-singing.

The singer's been teasing her upcoming album 99¢ since November, when she first revealed its lead single "Can't Get Enough of Myself" and its plastic product-heavy artwork (the above single art is Rejuvenique™-inspired). And although she announced back in December that the album would be out on January 22, the release date has since been postponed until February 26.

"Chasing Shadows" follows second single "Who Be Lovin' Me," a collaboration with iLoveMakonnen. Listen to it here at the 59:25 mark, or via Spotify below.

Santigold also premiered the official music video for "Chasing Shadows" today (January 15), but as of now it's a TIDAL exclusive and requires a subscription to view.

Back in November, Santigold sat down for an interview with Pitchfork to discuss her new album, its production, and themes. When the interviewer notes how many of the lyrics on 99¢ "involve commentary about how everything and everyone is a product and we're being constantly pitched or solicited," Santigold offers a response that's an accurate but depressing portrait of 21st-century humanity.

"The whole way that people interact with each other, the way that people write, the way that people view themselves, the way that people think about themselves or how to present themselves or the way that people deal with each other, the way that people meet people and date, I mean literally, what is that thing called? Tinder? You're literally swiping to find dates!" Guess we won't be swiping right for her any time soon!

She also discussed her feelings on streaming, boldly admitting "I think it's totally f---ed up," even though she understands why people enjoy it. "I know that as a listener of music, people really enjoy it, and I get it, and seriously, I tried to withhold for a long time. It's nice to have access to everything at once. Who knows where we're going to end up? I don't know where we're headed with storage and having access to things that's not dependent on something else existing, but it's very convenient."

99¢ is out on February 26th.

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