Santigold is on her to way receiving an unapologetic "sorry for party rocking" from LMFAO. The 'L.E.S. Artistes' singer-songwriter recently spoke to Pitchfork about her upcoming album, and while speaking with the publication, Santigold went on to diss LMFAO and pretty much the entire state of mainstream pop music today (with a few exceptions, of course).

When asked about her video for 'Big Mouth,' which many felt took jabs at Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Santigold explained that wasn't really what she was going for, but that she is not really a fan of most mainstream pop artists nowadays. "I'm disappointed with the state of music right now, but it's not really about anybody specific. I think there's a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance," she said.

Santigold then went on to discuss the shock she felt after witnessing LMFAO performing alongside Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl. "I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards," she continued. "I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack s---. I'm sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren't they a joke band? That type of s--- makes me cry. I'm like, 'Really?'"

She went on to explain her reasoning by saying, "Nowadays, people just churn out these records, but they're not really making art. They're making pop records. There's a difference. And I think a lot of young people who didn't grow up with a whole lot of real music don't know the difference." Santigold continued, "I love some pop music and I've always said that I want to make pop. But I'm talking about the songs that are pre-fabricated by hit makers."

However, Santigold does appreciate pop artists who are attempting to do something different, citing Beyonce and Adele as specific examples. "Beyonce's awesome. You can see her trying to grow and push boundaries while not leaving her audience behind. She wants to learn what else is going on in music," the 'Creator' songstress said. "Adele is really great. She's got an amazing voice that's really unique and special and very real. I like that. And I miss that."

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