It is customary for an invited wedding guest to get a gift for the happy couple. However, one woman took to Reddit explaining she wanted her present back after her cousin uninvited her to the reception.

She shared that her cousin told her the reception wasn't "really suitable" for her as she was under the legal drinking age, which left her confused and upset.

"My (20F) cousin Isabelle (26F) is getting married in January. I chose a set of Royal Albert plates from the gift registry and they've already been delivered," she wrote via Reddit. "The invitation said the ceremony would be first, followed immediately by meals and guests would start making their way to the reception hall. Invitation also said to 'be prepared for a night of drinking and dancing' at the reception."

The woman stated that a "few days ago" her cousin called her and informed her the reception was going to be more of a party, and she didn't feel as if it was a right fit for her, since she couldn't legally drink.

"I said I'm fine drinking water and soda, but she replied the capacity for the reception hall is smaller so they're not including younger guests," she continued. "Mind you this is a child-free wedding so there aren't really any 'younger' guests, I get not wanting to have kids around for the reception."

The bride-to-be informed her that she was still invited to the ceremony, but that she wouldn't be able to attend the reception.

"She replied that she's sorry for the misunderstanding but it said there would be drinking and stuff," she said. "Eventually I told her okay, I respect that but if she could kindly send the plates back so I can get a refund. Isabelle asked why because I'm going to be there for the most important part and they've included me in the catering. I said I was expecting to attend the entire wedding, not half and I bought the gift based on that."

She noted that she might not be able to attend the wedding at all now, and would get her another "suitable gift."

"She said no one takes back gifts and it's not like I'm uninvited, if I don't want to come now that's on me and I've already gotten the gift," she added. "I also got a text from my other cousin (Isabelle's sister) that I'm making a scene (she's 19 by the way and attending the reception. I know another cousin the same age as me is attending the reception), and I think Isabelle's talked to other relatives about it. My fiancé thinks I'm okay though. So was I the a--hole asking to return the plates?"

Users rallied behind the woman, letting her know she was in the right to be upset.

"You were uninvited. Of course you're free to request your gift back. Classy? Probably not but that's not the bride's theme anyways," one person wrote, while another commented: "Uninvited to the only part of the wedding worth going to. No one except folks with one foot in the grave gives a rats a-- about the actual ceremony. Most people are there for a free party with friends and family."

"Sounds like Isabelle just wanted a gift grab. She's incredibly rude to invite guests and then rescind that invitation. It's tacky, too," another person said, while a fourth stated: "She is disrespecting you. You're an adult, not a child. And her sister who is younger than you is going."

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