Selena Gomez is magnetically attracted to Justin Bieber, as evidenced in the power couple's constant on-off status. But it's not simply a romantic attachment. Whether she likes it or not, Gomez remains tethered to The Biebs and his legal issues, as she has just been subpoenaed in one of his paparazzi assault cases.

As Beliebers are well aware, there are many pending cases related to photographers and arrests with The Biebs.

TMZ reports that Gomez received a summons for a deposition in a lawsuit filed by a Los Angeles-based photographer who says that the singer karate-kicked him in the abdomen in 2012. Since Gomez was there with Bieber at the time of the alleged incident, the legal team wants her account of the events. They also believe that her closeness with the singer means she can provide some insight into his perspective on paparazzi as a whole.

That is a different case than the one where Biebs himself was previously deposed.

Remember, the singer went utterly nuclear when questioned about the 2013 Miami paparazzi case -- which is unrelated to the 2014 Miami arrest case -- after the lawyer brought Gomez's name up.

He flipped out at the idea of Sel being dragged into the mess. That case's lawyer also wants to talk to Gomez to find out if The Biebs spoke about his dislike of snappers. While she wasn't there when bodyguards roughed up a photographer and took his SIM card for this particular instance, lawyers feel Sel knows the singer well enough that she can provide some insight into his psyche.

What. A. Mess.