Back in 1990, Salt-N-Pepa made the provocative declaration, "Let's talk about sex, baby / Let's talk about you and me." While they were by no means the first musicians to "talk about sex" publicly/on the radio, their sentiment has become ingrained on our cultural consciousness when we think of sex and music. And in 2015, that tradition of songs that make us want to get down has continued stronger than ever, with both new and well-established artists either sharing their direct takes on sex or creating songs that just ooze sexy.

Breakout star Tove Lo told us what happens when we're "Talking Body," reminding her lover, "If you love me right, we f--k for life." Nick Jonas gave us all the tantalizing image of him wrapped up in "chains for your love." Selena Gomez wore that "dress you like, skin tightbecause she wanted to look "Good for You," and it must have worked since she apparently got up close and personal with A$AP Rocky's "miniature / John Hancock, the signature." Ellie Goulding let her lover "set the pace / 'Cuz I'm not thinking straight," and demanded that he "Love Me Like You Do." And Taylor Swift reflected on her futile attempt to resist her lover who's "so tall and handsome as hell / He's so bad, but he does it so well" and implored him to remember her, even if it's just in his "Wildest Dreams."

So as we reach the tail end of 2015, relive some of its sexiest pop moments with our newest playlist because sometimes we all just need some naughty to "Lean On."

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