Shakira, truthful hip-twerking extraordinaire, has seemingly met her match in super suave Pretty Boy Dirty Boy, Maluma.

Following the release of their Billboard Hot Latin Songs No. 1 "Chantaje" in late October, plus a #MannequinChallenge-meets-#IceBucketChallenge lyric video released earlier this week, the two blazing hot Colombian exports have finally unveiled the visual for their bangin' back-and-forth today (Nov. 18). (It's a great day for hot pop pairings in general, actually.)

Together, they tease each other...but mostly us, from the supermarket to the secret bar inside the aisles (sure!) to the rather grungy hallway in between, where they get up close and personal.

As she ditches her pink wig alter-ego in the bathroom, Shakira's got the upper hand in this chase: Maluma provides his best smoldering and sexy pouts throughout, while Shaki goes in for the kill with her body, delivering an unstoppable array of physics-defining contortions, booty shakes and hip thrusts in some Lara Croft-like harness gear — all while standing next to some urinals, no less.

And then, they dance.

Okay, so the plot is kind of vague. One thing's for sure: in this particular game of blackmail, everyone wins.

Watch above.

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