Shawn Mendes sent an extra special gift to The 1975 lead singer and frontman, Matty Healy. A gift Healy himself jokingly (or not-so-jokingly) requested!

The underwear saga began when Healy tweeted at Mendes, "My tour manager said you are sending me a present @ShawnMendes it better be them iconic underpants."

Mendes delivered on his request! The package contained Mendes' actual underwear seen from a Calvin Klein photo shoot. The underwear was rolled into a ribbon along with a certificate of authenticity. The paper reads: "Certificate of Authenticity, Shawn Mendes official product, 'Iconic Underpants' 1 of 1" Mendes even signed it.

Healy sent a picture of his new gift to Twitter to which Mendes replied adding, "100% authentic!"

Earlier this year, Mendes and Healy made headlines, creating excited fans after they shared the most basic Twitter interaction. Mendes initiated the short-lived conversation writing "Hey!," to which Healy replied "Hello!".

Prior to the short-lived exchange, Healy was in shock after Mendes admitted on Twitter that he was a fan of his band's music. Healy replied to Mendes' tweet about his band rocking with excitement, "Wig - Flew Tea- Served Daddy - Poisoned Hotel - Trivago" with a slew of exclamation points.

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