1,000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton's home was robbed while she was away in rehab for food addiction.

According to E! News, Tammy's home was ransacked and robbed after she checked into rehab, and the thieves took everything — including the kitchen sink. Literally.

Tammy's sisters Amanda Slaton and Misty Slaton discovered the burglary after stopping by "to pick up some things she wanted."

"Girl, all of her stuff is gone! Oh, this is some bulls---. Hold on. I'm going to take a video of this s--- real quick," Amanda says in a teaser clip, per E! News.

When the Slaton sisters assessed the home for damages, they discovered that the robbers nearly stripped Tammy's home bare.

According to Amanda, the burglars took Tammy's fridge, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, water heater, tables, dressers and clothing.

"That was her whole house. Imagine somebody coming in and taking everything you had that meant anything to you ... What the hell is she coming home to? There's nothing there. I don't even know if I want her to go home there anymore," Amanda says in the clip.

After returning to their car, Amanda and Misty called their other sister, Amy, and decided to file a police report. Their next step: figuring out how to break the bad news to Tammy.

"I'm nervous about telling Tammy. It's definitely devastating for Tammy because she loves her home. She loves having her own place to call her own. At this point, she doesn't have anything that's hers. Just the clothes that she took with her. She doesn't even have a place at this point, and all she wants to do is come home," Amanda explains in the teaser clip.

Find out how Tammy reacts when 1,000-Lb. Sisters airs Tuesday (Feb. 7) at 9PM ET on TLC.

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