UPDATE: Tater Tot passed away suddenly on Wednesday, Aug. 2. Kitten CrusAIDe, the rescue that cared for the kitten posted the news to TikTok, stating that "this little tot bonked his way into our hearts and we hope he bonked his way into yours."

He was less than two months old but this little guy saw more fame than most of us will in a lifetime. Let's take a moment to remember Tater Tot, our collective kitten obsession.

Who was Tater Tot?

Tater Tot was an unbearably adorable orange rescue kitten who was taken in by the kind-hearted crew at Kitty CrusAIDe in Centerville, Utah. He found fame after the organization shared videos of him on TikTok.

What Was His Deal?

Tiny Tater Tot was born with a cleft palate, making it necessary to bottle-feed him. His legs were also malformed, and Tater Tot's rescue team worked closely with a veterinarian to ensure his legs grow correctly.

Tater Tot also struggled with other illnesses that required veterinary intervention.

What Were His 'Bonkers?'

Tater Tot's team Lovingly referred to his corrective casts as "bonkers," which he was sporting in the video above that was viewed a staggering 5.4 million times on TikTok. Users lost their minds for the tiny kitten in casts, and it wasn't long before the Kitty CrusAIDE crew blessed us with more bonkers content.

Tater Tot's vet recommended his front and back legs be treated separately. In the video above (which has been viewed over NINE MILLION TIMES on TikTok), Tater Tot's "front bonkers" were removed and the little guy got his scoot on. His rear casts--lovingly coined "badonkabonkers," were added last weekend (July 29).

Did People Really LOVE This Kitten?

As news of Tater Tot's passing went viral, users expressed their grief on social media Wed. (Aug. 2) night.

Tater Tot's "Spud Buds" were devastated to hear he'd crossed the rainbow bridge.

Many touching Tater Tot tributes also included halos for the little guy.

Folks really felt his grumpy guy vibe.

Tater Tot fans will miss their favorite little orange kitten.

What's Next for Kitty CrusAIDE?

Understandably, workers at the organization are heartbroken at the loss of Tater Tot; however, they still continue their mission to rescue other kittens in need of a loving home. You can support their work in honor of Tater Tot HERE HERE.

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