Independent pop artist Tayler Buono unveils yet another surprisingly solid single Friday (August 5), proving once more that the girl is definitely one to be watched.

Following the July release of her saccharine, trap-infused bop, "Technically Single," Tayler's latest offering, "Something About You," is a hazy, R&B-hued electro-pop jam that touts that sweet, intangible something that makes a relationship so damn special.

"Just something about you / Jumping in the car, dancing in the dark / Nobody else does it like you do / The way that I feel when I hold onto you," the Nashville-based artist sings on the uplifting track, her breathy, honeyed voice somewhat recalling the lighter, more sugary side to Ariana Grande's powerhouse pipes

"I wrote 'Something About You' in an attempt to explain the un-explainable in a relationship — the feeling you can't quite capture through words, the memory you love to hold on to," the singer-songwriter tells us of the vibey tune, which wouldn't sound at all out of place next to Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself" or Zayn's "Pillowtalk."

"There's a sort of nostalgia in the unknown and this song is about my own," Tayler adds. "For me it's about this guy I've known since I was fifteen that I've always been drawn to. It's about all the summer nights and carefree adventures we've had."

Listen to the moody, melodic and wholly nostalgic jam, below:

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