It's official: Taylor Swift is the most amazing person on the planet.

Over the weekend, the 'Shake It Off' singer hosted a surprise listening party of '1989' at her L.A. home for 89 of her luckiest and most supportive fans. We'll try and contain our extreme jealousy excitement as we explain how the whole incredible thing went down. Deep breaths here, people.

According to fans on Twitter and Tumblr, T. Swift mostly hand-picked the 89 fans to attend the listening party, but none of them knew the exact details of the event until they got there -- they just received a call from Taylor's management asking to attend a top-secret exclusive event in L.A.

According to TSwiftLA, fans met at the first location and checked in with her management and security. They were then bussed over to Taylor's house, where they dined in her backyard and hung out in her living room, before her parents -- and then Taylor herself! -- came out to greet the fans.

"She greeted everyone and then sat in the chair on tell us why we were here. She said over the past few months, before she announced the album, she had been planning this event and picking people she wanted to invite," TSwiftLA recalled (via TSwiftDaily). "Then she told us she wanted to play us the whole album! Everyone in the room went insane and almost everyone was crying."

While fans couldn't discuss details of the songs, some let us in on a little info (bless you):

And did we mention that Taylor also baked everyone chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies, had an epic dance party to 'Shake It Off' and a rap-a-long to Kendrick Lamar's 'Backseat Freestyle,' brought out both Meredith and Olivia Benson and took adorable pictures with fans? We can't even handle it.

Check out some of her pics with fans below!

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