"I am so thrilled to be here with all of you tonight," First Lady Michelle Obama said taking the stage at the 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards. President Obama's main squeeze was on hand to present Taylor Swift with the Big Help Award for all of the charity work she's done since skyrocketing to fame.

"Taylor Swift may be in the news most often for her award winning songs and multi-platinum records, but every step of the way she has always made it a point to give back," Mrs. O said. She went on to listen Swift's multitudes of charitable efforts, ranging from children's funds to anti-bullying campaigns to donating books.

What really sealed Swift's victory? When Swift opened the last dress rehearsal of her Speak Now tour and donated 100 percent of ticket sales to tornado relief, earning $750,000 for those who lost their homes, she opened her heart and wallet to truly being a Big Help.

While Swift knew she was going to win, she predictably still managed to look surprised at her success. "I'm so honored," she stammered, looking at Obama. "I've always wanted to meet you, this is amazing... I am freaking out!"

Once she gained her composure, Swift dedicated her win to her fans. "Thank you to Nickelodeon and to all of you guys being so supportive and making all of this happen," she began. "I'm really proud of all of you guys. I see you helping each other, and I think it's important to know that youre making a difference in this world, and I want you to know that I see that and I am so proud of you."

Leave it to Taylor Swift to think of others, even when she's being honored. That explains why she won this award!