The old Taylor is officially dead and so, apparently, are her Fourth of July parties.

Rather than inviting a flock of famous friends to her Rhode Island mansion, as has been her tradition for several years, Taylor Swift opted to spend this year's holiday in Turks and Caicos with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, putting an end — perhaps permanently — to a true era.

This is, after all, the annual bash that brought us Tom Hiddleston's "I Heart T.S." tank, the rise (and now fall) of the instantly iconic Taymerica slide, and more Instagram photo shoots than the internet could ever need. Granted, last year's celebration was noticeably scaled back, but it did at least still happen. Now, it seems Swift may be moving on for good.

RIP to Taylor Swift's Fourth of July parties. RIP to the star-packed group photos. And RIP to the youthful enthusiasm they represented. Please take a moment of silence to mourn.

Once you've done that, you can direct your attention to the second bit of news, which is that this may signal how serious Swift is getting with Alwyn. She's had boyfriends during the holiday in the past (In 2015, she was with Calvin Harris; In 2016, Hiddleston), and has been seemingly fine with those relationships being publicly documented, both by the press and on her own social media accounts.

With Alwyn, though, she's kept things much more private, and this is yet another indication that her priorities with him have shifted. A photo of the couple looking quite cozy in the Caribbean water has been making the rounds online, and according to a source for People, they were "lovey-dovey" throughout their stay.

So hey, TSwift fans, at least there's an upside? And who knows, maybe next year she'll pull out all the stops in order to make up for missing 2018.

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