Taylor Swift's ongoing legal battle with former radio host David Mueller continues, but new details have surfaced regarding her side of a story.

As a brief catch-up: Mueller initially sued Swift for slander, claiming he was fired from his job at Colorado country music station 98.5 KYGO after the singer-songwriter claimed he groped her backstage at a Denver concert in 2013. Swift then counter-sued, claiming she was sure it was him and reportedly asking for any monetary wins to be donated to women's charities.

In a Daily Mail exclusive, quotes from Taylor's deposition are now seeing the light of day.

"As soon as he grabbed my ass, I became shocked and withdrawn and was barely able to say 'thanks for coming', which is what I say to everybody. I was barely able to get words out, and it was like somebody switched the lights off in my personality. So it was pretty quick that he was gone after that," she reportedly revealed in the deposition.

"I didn't have one split second without a fan in front of me until that moment and I didn't want people to find out about this. Anything that I say in front of fans could end up in the press, and I didn't want that."

Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea, also added to the deposition, according to Daily Mail: "I felt like I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time," she allegedly explained. "She was upset. She cried. We cried. It was - it was just inconceivable."

According to Mueller, the "interaction 'went great' and the singer 'remained pleasant as she bid them goodbye'. Later that night, Mueller said he ran into a co-worker who bragged that during his meet-and-greet he put his arms around Swift and grabbed her butt during the photo op. The singer's bodyguard approached the radio DJ later in the night and accused him of grabbing Swift's butt when they took their photo."

For the full deposition transcript exclusive, head over to Daily Mail.

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