Next to the actual First Lady of the United States, Taylor Swift and Beyonce are easily two of America's biggest leading ladies. But in a recent interview with Will Manning of KissFMUK, right ahead of her performance at the 2015 Brit Awards, T. Swift disclosed her own obsession with her fellow singer.

"It's normal for everyone to love Beyonce," she said. "I love Beyonce an unhealthy amount."

She added, "I try really hard to not let it get creepy."

T. Swift, it appears, works hard to build positive alliances with her fellow singers in the business. As she explained to Manning, awards shows often mean that she's "nominated against lots of my friends." For "the sake of humanity," and the "sake of having a good time," "you have to be legitimately happy for other people."

It's a hilarious interview, start to finish, and it's definitely worth checking out. At one point Manning tried to press the singer for juicy details about what kind of things she - and other worldwide celebrities - store backtage.

"Water and Diet Coke," Taylor said. She then explained, "I'm a disappointing person when it comes to extravagant celebrity stuff . . . [But] people don't really come around like 'Hey, we've got a bowl of diamonds, would you like some?'"

Manning then revealed to Swift that he heard that Mariah Carey had doves in her dressing room. Taylor responded, "She's always been really nice every time I've met her, and she's never had live birds with her."

The Brits will go live on February 25. Make sure to check out T. Swift and her extravagant Diet Coke.

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