Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned -- just ask Taylor Swift.

There may not be another popstar on the planet right now who's more self-aware than Taylor. She knows exactly how the media has chosen to portray her -- a lovesick, jealous, serial monogamist -- and rather than vehemently deny it or complain about it, she embraces it. And that's exactly what she did with her latest music video for current single 'Blank Space.'

After the music video leaked onto the web a day earlier than its original Nov. 11 release date (which is what director Joseph Kahn is referencing in his tweet above), Taylor decided to upload it to her official channel, and now the director is opening up about the concept behind it.

According to Mashable, Joseph says Taylor is well aware of the criticism surrounding her dating life: "Taylor wanted to make a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn't the boy, maybe the problem is her."

Joseph -- whose repertoire includes videos from some of the biggest stars like Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, just to name a few -- goes on to talk about the scene in which Taylor takes a golf club to her boyfriend's car, and how it's an allusion to the Tiger Woods cheating scandal: "We wanted to make a very funny version of this, that Taylor is the nightmare."

Proving Taylor really is every bit in control of her image, Joseph talks about just how involved Taylor was in the drafting of the video: "She was very thorough: She came up with concepts, imagery and references." He goes on to say, "When you have an artists wanting to test her imaging, it's always great territory to be in."

And considering how the video came out, we totally agree.

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