Taylor Swift returned to ’The Voice’ tonight (Nov. 25), after her multi-episode stint as a guest mentor. This time she performed her new single ’Blank Space’ and, in true Taylor fashion, it was totally electrifying.

Complete with a black, bedazzled microphone that had '1989' emblazoned down the center, Taylor acted every part the crazed, manic girl that the media has painted her out to be and we are totally obsessed. Following along the same vein as her music video, Taylor's performance had an element of elegance that was totally twisted and dark. She had chandeliers, but the main one was set ablaze. She looked gorgeous in a cropped black shirt and mini-skirt (the combo of which we love on her, by the way), but she also looked totally dangerous.

The set was full of smoke and Taylor clearly got some inspiration from BFF Lorde, because her jerky dance moves were definitely reminiscent of the New Zealand singer. Whatever the reasoning, we're glad for it, because it totally worked for her, and she looked every bit the crazy girl she was trying to portray. Brava, Taylor! Show 'em how it's done!

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