When it comes to Taylor Swift boyfriends, the men who date her have to watch their backs. She's a sweetheart, but hell hath no fury like Ms. Swift scorned. You can bet your sweet behind she'll be writing a song about you if you break her heart!

However, Taylor Swift's boyfriends choices are so out the blue, we have a hard time feeling sorry for her. She's dated everyone from John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhaal, so actually, we don't feel sorry for her (just jealous). Despite our envy, we think Taylor has some issues when it comes to relationships... None of hers seem to last very long, so we're fully convinced that if she stops writing revenge-filled songs about the guys who hurt her, more guys will want to date her. But that's just our opinion.

So, in order to help her with her love life, we've composed a list of  former Taylor Swift boyfriends, and the guys we think she should have dated. Just a friendly warning though, Taylor: STAY AWAY FROM JOHNNY DEPP. He's ours.