At the Staples Center in L.A. on Aug. 19, Taylor Swift invited not one but two special guests to share the stage with her. It was a girl power night, as she asked Cher Lloyd and Sara Bareilles to join her separately and to perform their songs, with Swift serving as the vocal guest!

When Swift introduced Lloyd and prior to their joint performance of 'Want U Back,' she heaped tons of praise on the Brit babe, saying, "She sings the song that has been in my head ever since it came out last summer. I know you know it, the feeling when you break up with someone and you're like, 'Oh, I shouldn't have done that, I want you back.'"

T. Swizzle was a cheerleader cute in her I Heart L.A. tee and red, high-waisted shorts, while Lloyd donned sexy, bad girl black leather. They were quite a tandem.

It was a sassy anthem and Swift and Lloyd displayed adorbs chemistry when singing the song about kicking your man to the curb and then regretting it.

Swift also invited singer-songwriter Bareilles to come onstage and perform her hit 'Brave.'

"I listen to it every single time I have a bad self-esteem day, which is a lot," Swift said. We find that hard to believe, since she is talented, stunning, rich and beloved by her fans. But hey, even T. Swizzle has crappy days.

Even so, Swift confessed that she listens to the song tons and she adores Bareilles, who she described as "so incredibly talented that it's ridiculous."

The performance was lovely and received well by Swifties. The crowd was singing along at high volume.

Swift's Los Angeles live pairings were high quality and high impact.

Watch Taylor Swift + Sara Bareilles Perform 'Brave'