Trust us when we say this epic mashup of Taylor Swift's "Style" and Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" is all you ever wanted. Or, if you refuse to trust us, at least listen to it for yourself in the clip above.

"Love Me With Style" is a mashup born from all our wildest dreams. The underlying need in "Style" combined perfectly with the urgency in "Love Me Like You Do" makes this track a magnificent creation. Coming from reigning pop queens and total BFFS, Taylor and Ellie, it makes sense that their chart-topping hits would complement each other so well. By the end of the five minute track you'll definitely have a new favorite workout/getting ready/everything track. Watch out for 3:45, because the culmination of both songs' drops is nothing short of perfect.

If only we knew who Ellie wrote "Love Me Like You Do" about. Pure conjecture, of course, but Niall Horan, perhaps? Probably not, but a Harry Styles and Nialler reference is bound to crop up in light of this gorgeous mashup sooner or later. Not that Taylor has ever definitively stated that "Style" is about Harry or anything, but we'll keep dreaming.

Even though it looks like this might be Earlvin14's first track, we're ready for more mashups, please! The "Love Me With Style" comment page is already exploding with download requests and praise from listeners. One user even said, "You've Unlocked the secret for these 2 songs." We couldn't agree more!

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