Taylor Swift were left furious after Elon Musk compared the singer to Napoleon Dynamite.

In a since-deleted post to Twitter, Musk shared a snapshot of Swift next to Jon Heder, who played Napoleon in the 2004 cult comedy.

"[I] am a [Taylor Swift] fan - of course - but how do we know for sure they're different people?" Musk captioned the post, which included a meme that read: "When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag."

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When Swifties (Swift fans) caught wind of the meme, they put the Tesla mogul on blast across social media.

"He should look at himself in the mirror, worry about that," one fan tweeted.

"He is so bitter that she doesn't acknowledge him," another shared.

"He's gone too far. I'm tired of Elon," someone else wrote.

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Swift has not responded to Musk's asinine meme as of publishing.

The superstar singer is currently set to appear in Detroit Friday night (June 9) for her Eras Tour, which is slated to wrap up in the U.S. in August before heading to Latin America in the fall

See more reactions, below:

Musk is no stranger to make odd remarks on Twitter.

In 2022, he challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a "single combat" duel, with the fate of Ukraine as the proposed prize.

While many thought he was joking, Musk asserted that he was serious about the duel.

Putin has not responded to Musk's challenge as of publishing.

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