Cookies. Candles. Starbucks. Taylee. Those are the critical ingredients of a holiday season good time.

Taylor Swift and one of her BFFs, actress Hailee Steinfeld, had the full-on Christmas spirit and were in baking mode in a pair of pics that T. Swizzle posted on Instagram.

Both beautiful gals -- "Taylee," as we like to call them -- are rocking side bangs. They are bringing the swoop to one side or the other back in style!

The first pic finds Steinfeld posing with some baked treats, with Swift captioning the shot: "It's not possible for her to be cuter or for this day to be more festive."

The tree trimmers posed again, with adorbs smiles and an even cuter caption: "Merry Swiftmas and Hailee New Year."

Hailee also posted a photo onto her Instagram account with the caption: "That moment when the ribbon from your gift becomes a hair accessory... @taylorswift."

Aw! These ladies are totally ODing on Christmas cheer, and we love 'em for it.

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