Taylor Swift does NOT tolerate bullying -- especially when the hate is directed towards her fans.

The 'Out of the Woods' singer -- who is basically a gift from the heavens above -- recently shut down an anonymous hater who called her fan ugly.

Here's how it went down: Lucy Ashton was one of the lucky Swifties to receive amazing Christmas gifts from T. Swift this holiday season, and she uploaded a video of herself opening the presents. (Warning: It is actually the sweetest video you will ever see and you can check it out below. Grab the tissues.)

Since it's the Internet, of course one unhappy person had to spoil the fun and comment for the sole purpose of being a bully. The hater -- under the name Anonymous -- wrote, "UR UGLY TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST…." And that's when Taylor Swift swept in, reportedly replying, "NO, ANONYMOUS. NO." (Quotes via BuzzFeed). But that's not all: T. Swift also liked and commented Lucy's vid, writing, "Cutest human ever born."

"Her support means everything to me," Lucy told BuzzFeed of Taylor's defense. "I've supported her for eight years now, and to know that she knows me, a teenage girl who just blogs about her, and to know that she always has my back, means everything to me. It definitely gives me a sense of comfort."

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