Taylor Swift delivered a rousing rendition of her latest bad boyfriend smash 'I Knew You Were Trouble' on 'The Graham Norton Show' in London on Friday, Feb. 22. Looking sexy in a long-sleeved, black mini dress with black, knee-high boots and black-painted fingernails, T. Swizzle meant bidness.

We bet the blond beauty hoped the family of her ex, One Direction's Harry Styles, was tuned in and watching her deliver this sassy performance while looking utterly bangin'. Looking good and living well is certainly the best revenge, and Tay looks terrific and her career is off the chains right now. She is selling copies of 'Red' by the bucketful.

She's not really lyin' on the cold hard ground after the Hazza split. That "trouble, trouble, trouble" is outta her life and in the rear view. Peace out.

Swift was on the show with actress Saoirse Ronan and actors John Malkovich and Richard Gere, the latter whom she already knew and hugged.

Swift played along with Norton and his cheeky humor during the interview. Normally, she gets neurotic when TV hosts -- ahem, Ellen -- tease her about her love life and other embarrassing topics. But T. Swizzle didn't have a breakdown; instead, she loosened up and had fun.

"I wanted to learn how to fight after I saw that movie," Swift told Ronan about her film 'Hanna.'

Gere said that Swift asked him why he was at the Golden Globes, as they sat next to each other at the ceremony. The singer said his wife Carey Lowell played her favorite assistant district attorney on 'Law & Order,' since she loves the procedural.

Oh, Taylor. Your neuroses and love of crime TV is super cute.

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