Introduced as "America's sweetheart" and "one bada-- chick," Taylor Swift took to the iHeart Radio Festival stage to a huge amount of fanfare, including a mini-medley of her biggest hits. How did her performance fare? You can decide for yourself, because we have the entire thing right here!

In typical Swift fashion, it was a bit of a spectacle, complete with the fan interaction that's almost become the singer's trademark. The stage was emblazoned with her album title, 'RED,' and so were Swift's lips. Sporting a short sequined silver skirt and neutral toned sequined top, she opened with 'Sparks Fly,' all the while showcasing her sometimes awkward dance moves -- considering she uses her lyrics to pander a bit to a younger audience, it's pretty offputting to see her attempt to be sexy.

Still, when the singer commanded, "Can I hear you scream, Las Vegas?!" the crowd more than obliged. For her second song of the set, 'You Belong With Me,' she changed into high-waisted black shorts and continued with her minimal choreography, likely in an attempt to appeal to the pop fans in the crowd that likely far outnumbered those with an appreciation for her country roots. Seriously, does anyone else remember when she and Katy Perry didn't try so hard and just, you know, sang and played guitar?

Don't worry, Swift does remember. In an effort to maintain her appeal with fans of her prior instrumentation, Swift's calculated next move was to bust out her banjo for 'Mean.' She followed with the pop remix of 'Love Story' and enough dancing to make herself audibly winded.

She recovered for her stately closer, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' for which she sported a black fedora and En Vogue style staging and dance moves (which is amusing, considering she's probably too young to know who En Vogue are). For the climax of the track, she was joined by an enormous entourage, including the inexplicable fuzzies she used in the video for the song.

One thing we noticed about the performance as a whole is that Swift seems hyper aware of the cameras that are around, often deliberately staring into and posing for them. While her performance was by no means bad -- she puts on a show, for sure -- she may want to focus more on what she does and less on how she looks. Considering it's nearly impossible for Swift to not look stunning, she may want to just hone in on her live vocals and dance moves (which at this point simply look like poses), otherwise it's a little tough to tell what she's actually selling ... besides CoverGirl cosmetics, that is.