Considering today is the release date of Taylor Swift's new album '1989,' it should come as no surprise to anyone that she's been incredibly busy. If anything, that's a total understatement.

By now we all know how Taylor feels about her big move to New York City, so it only makes sense that she held her final secret session (this time with iHeartRadio) on a SoHo rooftop, with the stunning Manhattan skyline as her backdrop while the Empire State Building played a light show totally in sync with her performances. Did we mention she debuted her first live performances of select '1989' tracks? It was totally magical.

Decked out in an all-white ensemble, Taylor performed to a crowd of 89 super lucky, handpicked fans, kicking off the night with the first track on her new album 'Welcome to New York.' She gave the audience -- and viewers all over the world -- little tidbits of information about the songs she performed -- from 'Out of the Woods,' ("a relationship that never felt like it was on solid ground") to 'Style' ("there are feelings that never go out of style"), to 'Blank Space,' and how it initially started out as a joke.

Citing the media's caricature of her public persona to be the inspiration behind the track, Taylor said: "...It's been interesting what the media has decided to fictionalize and sensationalize about my personal life...I was thinking about how [the media has] kind of drawn up this character -- she's emotionally unstable and needy and clingy, but she gets all these boyfriends but then they leave her and then she's devastated and she goes to her evil lair to write songs for emotional revenge." And thus, the song was born.

Finally, Taylor closed the night out with her current hit 'Shake It Off,' but that wasn't before thanking her fans for all their support: "You guys have been the most amazing factor in my entire life."

But that's not all, swifties! Did we mention how busy she's been!? Immediately following Taylor's iHeartRadio secret session was an airing of 'The Voice' where she played guest mentor to the contestants. After watching tonight's (Oct. 27) episode, we're totally wishing Taylor could give us advice all the time... about pretty much everything.

From helping contestants really get to the heart of their songs ("She's performing it as opposed to feeling it") to sharing little bits about herself (apparently LeAnn Rimes was her "pre-teen karaoke go-to") to admitting she would probably fold under pressure if she were a contestant ("I could never do this"), her personality seriously shines through. We can't wait to see what advice she offers tomorrow night (Oct. 28)!

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