Shocking twist: Taylor Swift doesn't listen to "Welcome to New York" on loop before big nights out on the town.

In a new ad for Apple Music released today (April 18), Swift, a pored-over Pinterest page personified, improbably indicates that she doesn't have her own curated going-out playlist ready at all times. So, she turns to Apple Music for some last-minute pump-up tunes, and somehow lands on "Jukebox Hits: '00s Alternative Rock," which features the likes of Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and My Chemical Romance.  Oh, and Jimmy Eat World, whose 2001 "In The Middle" ultimately serves as choice audio destination for the 1989 singer.

"I love this song," Swift says in the segment as she revs up her iPhone's volume. "Used to listen to this in middle school."


In fairness, Taylor Swift probably did listen to a bunch of Jimmy Eat World in middle school, a reality she aims to prove with subsequent dancing you'd otherwise find in a public junior high school's cleared-out multi-purpose room. Plus: lipstick application! Plus: a lipstick microphone for bathroom karaoke! Plus: air guitar beside a bathtub! With moves like these, an eventual slow-dance with Kevin S. seems completely in the bag.

Taylor Swift previously fell off a treadmill in the name of Apple Music and it's like: what hijinks will come next, even?!

Watch Bleed American get a completely believable endorsement in the clip above.

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