Is a cameo on 'Girls' inches away from Taylor Swift's schedule and her resume? It very well may be, since the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' songstress was cozying up to writer and series star Lena Dunham at a Grammy party on Feb. 10. Dunham could easily write a role for her new BFF into the show, since she's the boss, right?

Is T. Swizzle's "other" bestie Selena Gomez about to go nuclear and start hate tweeting Dunham? Nah! But we do see why a friendship should and very well could blossom between these two ladies who like to very publicly mine their personal lives for entertainment source material for their songs and their show, respectively.

Yes, we realize that they are like a total opposites. One is tall and statuesque and seems to live the life of America's sweetheart while her heart is splattered all over the place, while the other is short, short-haired and isn't afraid to let it all hang out on camera, physically and emotionally.

Check out their posture and chemistry in the photos? They are totally "OMG'ing" each other and probably said they love each other like 80 times before the night ended. They are even looking into each other's eyes longingly, knowingly. Are they, like, the same person, OMG?

But we could see Dunham totally writing a role for Swift for an episode that would not embarrass the singer and might win over some of her detractors and critics. On the flip, while 'Girls' is a critical darling, could you imagine the dose of ratings that would come as a result of T. Swizzle's starpower and from her fangirls? The Nielsens would shoot through the roof.

Swift needs more ladies in her life for when the next Harry Styles comes along and breaks up with her three months into their relationship. Dunham could totally be one of those girls. Or 'Girls.'

We bet Dunham could pull off a multi-ep arc where Swift's character dates an emotionally unavailable British guy.

Maybe Dunham needs to hire us to help co-write this plotline.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

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