Can Taylor Swift be our best friend already!? Seriously, from inviting fans into her home, to calling out the inherent misogyny and sexism she's encountered in the music industry, to lip syncing along to her own single (we're getting to that) — we are beyond obsessed at this point.

In the above video, Taylor Swift joined BBC Radio 1’s Greg James for a car ride that sees the two of them mouthing along to Taylor’s new single ‘Blank Space.’ And somehow, Taylor manages to take something that had all the potential in the world to be Too Much and almost obnoxious and turns it, instead, into something totally charming and adorable.

There isn’t much to the video — they really are just lip synching the entire time — but it’s totally mesmerizing to see Taylor act out the entire song exactly the way we would (…okay, exactly the way we do). Our favorite part? When Taylor mimes knocking back a shot during the line ‘I get drunk on jealousy.’

She even air drums in the car — which is exactly what we do every time we get to the bridge of ‘Blank Space.’

Check out the video and let us know just how much you love Taylor, because, seriously — how can you not?!

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