Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris might have claimed their relationship ended on good terms two weeks ago, but where social media's concerned, evidence seems to be to the contrary.

On June 2, Harris confirmed rumors that he and Swift had broken up by tweeting "The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect," a sentiment Swift eventually retweeted.

As of today (June 15), though, that note is nowhere to be found, and it appears Harris has unfollowed Swift, too. Moreover, he's almost completely scrubbed any evidence of her from his Instagram account. HOW DARE HE DENY US FANTASY VACATION SNAPSHOTS.

And this might all prove to be perfect fodder for Swift's next album, as E! News, has reported the 1989 singer's already at work on her forthcoming sixth album. Or, to put it differently, there's a chance "I Knew You Were Trouble" Part 2 is coming.

"Taylor is hanging out with her friends and keeping busy. She wants to be single for a while and have a relaxing summer," a source told the site. "Taylor has also been writing new music."

"She knows [the breakup] was for the best," the source added. "They have communicated since the breakup, but getting back together is something that's not in the cards for either of them."

Still, E! maintains the breakup didn't unfurl dramatically, and reported Swift and Harris simply fell out of love, and broke up when they noticed that romance had subsided. Still, Harris' most recent social media activity has us thinking there may be more to this story...

Think we're in for some earmark breakup material from Taylor Swift? Tell us what you hope to hear from her on her next LP.

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