It's official: the greatest thing to ever happen to the Internet is Taylor Swift's recent acquisition of a Tumblr account.

We didn't think it could get any better than the time she proudly wore a Tumblr reference on a T-shirt in public, but we were totally wrong. Taylor has decided to use her super celeb powers for good, and constantly seeks out awesome fan-made covers of her songs, artwork and more. Just last night, she reblogged the beautiful cover (check it out above) of her latest song 'Out of the Woods' posted by Laura Zocca, and had nothing but kind things to say about it:

"Oh my God, that was breathtaking. What a gorgeous, angelic version of this song. I seriously may need to go off by myself and sway back and forth in a field of lavender while listening to that on repeat."

Taylor went on to say: "But first I gotta go email it to everyone I know.  My chill is lost, never to be returned to me." We imagine it's almost too much to be on the receiving end of such a high compliment, but can you even begin to fathom Taylor sending out an email about how awesome you are?!

Judging by her '1989' Secret Sessions, her constant interactions with fans on social media and pretty much her entire career up until this point, Taylor's never been anything but 10yo million percent appreciative of her fans. Come to think of it, that's probably an understatement.

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