Taylor Swift gave a mini-concert during her appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' She performed outside for a jam packed lot of fans, sailing through the catchy title track from 'Red' and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' as well as the "classic" fan fave 'You Belong With Me.'

T. Swizzle was dressed in high-waisted black shorts and a crisp, white button down, looking like a catering company employee. Her fans had their iPhones and Smartphones flashing away as she knuckled down on her red guitar during the title tune.

For 'WANEGBT,' she ditched the guitar and engaged in hand movement choreography with her backup dancers. It was Macarena-like. Anyone remember that dance? And once again, the crowd was just as loud when they sang along with their heroine. Swift definitely is the voice of her generation.

In another interview segment, Swift discussed being afraid of earwig bugs, which is just one of her many fears. We're surprised she isn't a compulsive handwasher, given how neurotic she is. She's worse than Howie Mandel. T. Swizzle tried to rationalize why the insects are called such, and feared that they eat your brain.

Seriously? Seriously. She is the most neurotic and adorable thing, like, EVER!

While Ellen explained the scientific behavior of an earwig, a staffer dressed in a big bug costume snuck up behind Swift and startled her. She screamed, "STOP!" She looked a wee bit irritated with Ellen's antics. But it was all in good fun, even though Ellen really worked on getting under Swifty's thin skin!

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