If you're anything like us, you put Taylor Swift's "Style" video on repeat, hoping to glean any sort of Harry Styles reference possible. Luckily, the singer just dropped two new never-before-seen clips -- and we are on it.

As we noted when "Style" was first released, there's a closeup of the famous paper airplane necklace that reportedly was given to Taylor by Harry (and matched one that he wore as well!). That alone was enough to send fans into a frenzy -- and it's a good thing too, because the leading man in the video sadly lacked Harry's flowing locks and iconic tattoos.

That brings us to these the two new "Style" clips that just landed on Taylor's YouTube. Although each video only clocks in at 15 seconds, they're jam-packed with different images from the full-length release.

The first video is more ocean-centric, showing Taylor's leading man Dominic Sherwood (and his abs!) smoldering on the beach. There's also a few of those steamy close-ups of what looks like the pair in bed together. As far as sly Harry Styles references (perhaps a ship in the hazy distance, representative of the "Night Changes" singer's tattoo?), the first clip is sadly lacking.

The second snippet is a little more wooded and you know what those trees reminded us of. (Hint: "Out of the Woods.") True, it's not a direct Harry reference, but given the title of "Style" and Taylor's penchant for sneaking in hints whenever possible, we aren't ruling out the connection here.

You can check out the "Style" clips in the videos above and below!

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