If all you ever wanted from Taylor Swift's "Style" video was an obvious Harry Styles reference and maybe a reenactment of their entire relationship, you were only half-disappointed. (The paper airplane necklace, hello?) While the video is totally ethereal and picturesque, we'd be lying if it didn't seem more well suited for a different song off 1989 instead -- you know, the super dreamy "Wildest Dreams"?

The good news? A fellow Swiftie totally felt the same way, but instead of just thinking about it and lamenting the injustice that is the entire situation, she went ahead and made a video for "Wildest Dreams" by splicing up the "Style" video and overlaying it with the audio from the track. Tumblr user endinburningflamesorparadise went ahead and pieced it all together, and it's everything we never knew we wanted -- until now.

Considering the fact that the "Style" video was directed by Kyle Newman, the man behind Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness," we're not all that surprised by the outcome. Were we hoping for something a little more obvious and dangerous? Maybe. Is that totally selfish of us? Probably. But we love that Taylor's fan base is so insanely creative, because if we're being real there is absolutely no way we could have produced this new video.

What do you guys think? Do you think Taylor's concept for the "Style" video is better suited for "Wildest Dreams"? Or is it perfect as is? Do you wish Harry had made a cameo? Is that asking for way too much? Check out the original above and then the "Wildest Dreams" version on Tumblr, and let us know!

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